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Japanese band Babymetal tops Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart

Congratulations to Japanese metal rock band Babymetal for becoming the first Asians to top Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart. They scored their first number one album with “Metal Galaxy,” reports Forbes. It took thirteen years since the Top Rock Albums chart was created for any Asians to score a number one album. But Babymetal sold 28,000 of its latest album with 27,000 of them coming from physical copies to position themselves on top.

Babymetal is known as a “kawaii metal” band. They created the genre that mixes J-pop with heavy metal. They became a viral sensation in 2014 with their music video for “Gimme Chocolate!!!.”

The mix of heavy metal with their squeaky voices, what’s not to like? The group formed in 2010 with the original members Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-metal, Moa Kikuchi as Moametal, and Yui Mizuno as Yuimetal. The band now consists of just two members after Yui Mizuno left earlier this month due to health conditions.

The group so far has released three albums. Their first album was named after the band and released in 2014. Their follow up album titled “Metal Resistance” came out in 2016 and topped out on the Billboard 200 at the 39th position. Babymetal’s latest album “Metal Galaxy” did much better debuting on the Billboard 200 at number 13.

Babymetal has been touring around the world. They’re most popular in Asia but have been making headway into North America.

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