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Japan to make wooden satellite

The problem with old and modern satellites is that they leave a lot of debris polluting the earth. To counteract this, Japan will try to reduce the pollution caused by satellites by making wooden ones, reports the Independent. Hopefully, the wooden satellite, which will be a first, will burn up in re-entry and not add any more space junk which is building up and affecting the earth.

“We are very concerned with the fact that all the satellites which re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere burn and create tiny alumina particles which will float in the upper atmosphere for many years,” Taka Doi, an astronaut and professor at Kyoto University told the BBC.

The US space surveillance network reported over 2,000 operational satellites and 20,000 artificial objects in space. At times the satellites collide with one another leaving metal debris and other pollutants floating around up there.

The wooden satellites will be created by Kyoto University and Sumitomo Forestry, a Japanese wood processing company. They have already begun researching what the ideal wood type would be for space and will soon begin testing the wood in extreme environments. If all goes well the wooden satellite will be ready to take off to space in 2023.

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