box falling out of back of truck
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Is this a stunt for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

In Christopher Nolan’s latest upcoming movie “Tenet” there is a thing called “inversion.” I don’t know what “inversion” actually is considering I haven’t watched the movie and seeing as how Nolan likes to keep things close to his chest. But in the trailer for the movie, “inversion” is shown.

It looks like someone with the power to evoke “inversion” can rewind time a little. I don’t know how Nolan is going to explain this one but it might not be far-fetched.

According to Jalopnik, a video of a truck traveling along a highway in Taiwan dropping a box is going viral. The reason, because the box jumps back into the moving truck twice.

How is that even possible. Is it “inversion?” Woah, cause there is no way physics can explain that freakiness. That truck has got to be going 60 mph or something and the box just jumps back in.

Maybe it’s a marketing ploy for Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet.” If not, this might be the craziest thing I have ever seen that unravels the rules of science.

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