Indian Man Almost Loses Penis
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Indian Man Almost Loses Penis Trying To Pleasure Himself With Ball Bearings

A 33-year-old man in India almost lost his penis after he used two metal ball bearings to pleasure himself. The man put his penis in the ball bearings in an attempt at sexual pleasure, but his penis got stuck in the metal contraception. For some reason, he didn’t go to the doctor for two weeks until it started to swell and became too painful reports, the Daily Mail.

Indian Man Almost Loses Penis

The man went to UCMS & GTB Hospital in New Delhi, India, complaining of progressive pain and swelling in his penis. He told the doctors that the ball bearings he used as a sex toy were stuck on his penis for two weeks. His penis was starved of blood and ready to die. Pre-gangrene was developing because the ball bearings were “strangulating the root of the penis.” The doctors at UCMS & GTB Hospital in New Delhi, India, described the man’s penis at the time as “engorged” and “tender”.

Indian Man Almost Loses Penis

The doctors tried “normal” treatments to get the ball bearings off the man’s penis but they failed to pull the ball bearings off. They injected the man’s penis with medication to shrink it but that failed. Then they used a small wire medical saw to cut the metal but that also failed.

So they had to use an unconventional method to save this man’s penis from dying. They used an industrial strength stone cutting buzzsaw to cut through the metal ball bearings. The procedure took 15 minutes with a Bosch GDC 120 saw, which spins 200 times a second, to finally cut through the ball bearings.

Indian Man Almost Loses Penis

Additionally, the doctors had to drip cold water onto the man’s penis during the procedure so that it wouldn’t burn from the heat of the buzzsaw. Luckily, the man was under anesthesia during the whole ordeal. Finally, they got the ball bearings off and the man’s penis was saved. In a couple days the swelling went down and he was kept in the hospital for observation for a week. Two weeks later the man was having erections again morning, day, and night with no problems.

Doctors issued a stern warning about using metal ball bearings for sexual gratification.

“Penile strangulation by steel ball bearings can occur uncommonly secondary to their placement for sexual gratification. If left untreated the have the potential to cause penile gangrene, urethral injury and erectile dysfunction.”

For uncensored pictures check out the BMJ Case Report. Warning it is pretty gross.

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