Indian police using "social distancing clamp" to arrest suspect
Twitter: DGP Chandigarh Police
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Indian cops use social distancing clamps to nab criminals in the age of coronavirus

It’s hard out there for cops who have to nab criminals during the coronavirus pandemic. Officers will have to break social distancing rules put in place to keep people healthy or otherwise let the suspect flee. But authorities in India have found a way to protect themselves from the coronavirus by keeping people afar while arresting them. According to World Of Buzz, Indian Director General of Police for Chandigarh, Sanjay Baniwal came up with social distancing clamps to nab criminals.

“Vip of Security wing of Chandigarh Police has devised this unique way of tackling non-cooperating corona suspects and curfew breakers,” DGP Chandigarh Police tweeted. “Great equipment, great drill !!! Way to go @ssptfcchd and Insp Manjit, HCt Gurdeep, HCt Pawan and Ct Usha.”

A nice six foot pole with a tong at the end is a pretty cool but a hilarious invention in the fight against possibly infected criminals.

“We call it a ‘social distancing clamp’ or a ‘lockdown-breaker catcher,'” Gurdeep Singh, the head constable told NPR. “This is especially used in instances where we suspect that someone has the coronavirus and they are not cooperating with us.”

Singh said they got the idea from watching officers in Nepal using a similar contraption to apprehend over 1,400 suspects. The one main difference in the Indian one is that is it can accommodate bigger waisted suspects.

“We can expand the size depending on the person’s waistline,” Singh said.

Unfortunately, the clamp is still in the prototype stage and has not been used by the force outside of practice runs. But hopefully, the clamps will be given the okay to catch the charlatans.

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