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Husband found dead in girlfriends apartment in Queens, NY

A 26-year-old Bayside man has been found dead in his girlfriend’s house in Queens on Sunday around 7:30 pm, reports The New York Daily News. At this time it isn’t clear how Justin Lee died but authorities are investigating the death as a homicide. He was found lying face up wrapped in bloody sheets with a head wound.

The police arrived at Lee’s girlfriend’s apartment located on 39th Ave near Union St in Queens after Lee’s wife called 911 concerned because she couldn’t reach him. Police said the wife knew Lee had a girlfriend and where she lived.

The girlfriend wasn’t home at the time but the cops were let in by her female roommate. They found the victim on a bed unresponsive. EMS arrived and pronounced Lee dead at the scene, reports the New York Post.

It is unclear if the police found the girlfriend or what the status of the girlfriend is at the time.

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