chick-fil-a receipt with "China" as name

Houston Chick-fil-A lists Asian American woman’s name as “China”

An Asian American woman by the name of Tina is unhappy with the way Chick-fil-A responded to her complaint. On March 22nd, Tina grabbed some food at a Houston, Texas Chick-fil-A and on her receipt, it said “China” as her name, reports Yahoo.

“Then it dawned on me,” she told the Insider. “I always make a point to say ‘teen-na’ especially when wearing my mask.”

Tina has been at that location many times without problems but this time left her hurt. So that night at the urging of her friends she filled out a complaint to headquarters online.

The next day, a general manager at the location emailed her back. The general manager explained that it had nothing to do with ethnicity but rather that the employee simply misheard.

“We want our customers to have a great experience, but it sounds like that didn’t happen this time,” the email said. “We know we can’t undo what happened, but we’d love another chance to get it right. I spoke with my team members from that shift and they informed me that they misheard ‘Tina’ as ‘China’ and that it had nothing to do with your ethnicity.”

Tina was offered a free meal for the trouble. But Tina didn’t want the free meal. Instead, she wanted them to “take corrective action.” She emailed back trying to understand how it could have been a misunderstanding not in the hopes of getting anyone fired but for management to take more decisive actions like more training.

Chick-fil-A told the Insider that they offered Tina a formal apology and that the employee felt terrible.

Tina also received an email and voicemail from customer service that stated that most of their employees are young and might not recognize that putting the wrong name could “cause a catastrophe such as this and ultimately hurt the feelings of valued customers.”

But Tina was not happy and she hopes that Chick-fil-a will start taking matters like this “seriously.”

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