nissan juke crashing into family of five on cross steet
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Hit and run driver hits family of five crossing street in Florida

An Asian family of five was hit by a car while crossing the street in St Pete Beach, Florida. According to the Tampa Bay Times, one of the family members passed away. 70-year-old Hiep Huyun was killed, while the other four Thuong Phan, 77, Hai Pho, 76, Anh Martin, 51, and Tuy Vinh Huynh, 67 suffered minor injuries

The crash occurred on Thursday, May 13th in the 4800 block of Gulf Boulevard. The family was crossing the street when a newer model Nissan Juke made a left crashing into the family. The driver did not yield and fled the scene.

“We want them to turn themselves in, absolutely that’s what we want,” Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Travis Sibley said, reports Fox 13 News. “You have five people crossing the road, enjoying themselves, and one of their family members lost their life. The person that was driving, they need to be an adult and turn themselves in.”

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