utah hate letter towards Asians
Fox 13 News

Hate letter sent to Asian owned business in Utah

A threatening hate letter was sent to at least one Asian-owned business in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to Fox 13 News, the letter was sent two days after the Georgia shootings where eight people were killed with six of them being Asian. The letter glorified the killings and left a disturbing message.

“All Asian’s [sic] need to go back to their countries now before more are Asian’s are KIllED,” the anonymous letter said. “All Asian’s must go home now. Spread the word or you may die. More people will target Asian’s [sic] for death.”

hate letter sent to Asian owned business in Utah
Fox 13 News

The name of the business was not revealed due to fear of retaliation.

A friend of the owner of the business said other Asians in Taylorsville and West Valley City also received the letters. A Vietnamese person also received the letter after someone slipped it under her apartment door and also her neighbors, reports ABC 4 News.

Unified Police department sergeant Melody Cutler said, “These are threats towards a group. It’s a hate crime. We take these things seriously, we want them reported.

She said if anyone received the letter to come forward because it might contain evidence.

“And the reality is, if there are multiple of these out there, that multiple counts of this crime and we would like to find that person, and each one of those letters may have potentially different evidence,” she said.

The police are working with the postal Inspector since the letter was sent through the United States mail.

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