evan manivong

Gymnast flexes vaccination card after sticking the landing

A University of Illinois Men’s Gymnastics team member is going viral for flexing his vaccination card after he stuck the landing. According to the Washington Post, Evan Manivong pulled out his COVID-19 vaccination card from his leotard at a competition against Minnesota on March 22nd. The clip of Manivong went viral after Athletic’s Olivia Witherite shared it on her Twitter.

After people saw the clip, people weren’t quite sure what the card was so Evan confirmed on Twitter that the card was indeed his vaccination paper.

The 20-year-old intended it to be a joke amongst his teammates. Evan Manivong and his teammates were vaccinated over a month ago and Evan joked he would flex the card at the competition. He even practiced his routine with the card placed on his chest because he was confident he would stick the landing.

“I feel pretty confident,” he told the Washington Post. “I did my warm-up with my vaccination card in there so I knew it was all good and ready.”

And when the competition came around he stuck his landing and tied his career-high with a 14.750.

Now’s he’s become a vaccination symbol and he’s urging other to get their shots.

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