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Gofundme set up for San Francisco security guard who stopped man who assaulted two Asian elders

A Gofundme has been set up for Samba Guisse, a San Francisco Civic Center security guard who apprehended a suspect who allegedly assaulted two Asian elders. This incident went viral after one of the victims 76-year-old Xiao Zhen Xie was caught on camera holding a 2 x 4 while her alleged assailant was seen bloodied up on a stretcher. But what the camera didn’t show at the time was the role Samba Guisse had in stopping the alleged suspect 39-year-old Steven Jenkins. In a newly released video, Guisse can be seen taking Jenkins down after he uppercuts Xie. Check the 38-second mark.

“Sometimes people need help; people need help,” Guisse said. “I don’t know exactly what I can say, but it doesn’t matter you Asian, you Black, you White; whatever you are, my job is just to help. If I can help, I do.”

Samba Guisse works seven days a week both as a DPW patrol officer and a Civic Center security guard. For his bravery on that day, the San Francisco Police Department awarded him a “Certificate of Appreciation.” Now we can help this man by donating to his Gofundme.

On March 17th, Steven Jenkins allegedly assaulted 76-year-old Xiao Zhen Xie and 83-year-old Ngoc near Market and 7th Street.

A Gofundme for Xiao Zhen Xie surpassed $1 million and Xiao’s family set up a non-profit to manage the money that will be donated to the Asian community. Xie was also honored at a San Francisco Giants game recently.

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