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Girl goes viral for calling out all her sh**ty ex-boyfriends on Instagram

On November 7, 2019, Rosie decided to unarchive pictures of herself with her ex-boyfriends on Instagram. Instead of keeping the photos hidden, she made some edits on the captions of the pictures to reflect a more “accurate” picture of her life. She wanted to note all the “sh***y” guys that broke up with her. In doing so, the University of Pennslyvania student, who is now in Singapore has gone viral, according to Mothership.

As anyone who is dating and has an Instagram account knows, it can get awkward when a relationship ends. One must scrub the other person off their social media and act like the relationship never happened. However, Rosie didn’t want to get rid of the pictures because she looked “cute,” so instead, she kept the pictures and called her exes out with an updated edited caption.

“decided to unarchive all the pictures I had with sh**ty guys because I look cute but update the captions to be more accurate,” Rosie tweeted.

In the pictures, she looks happy but if you look at the captions it tells a sad but funny story.

“Took a 7 hour bus to boston to take this picture,” she wrote about meeting a guy. “Edit: was not worth the trip.”

There are several pictures of her with guys who didn’t get the same treatment. She said it was because the guy was a “decent person.”

But this wasn’t about shaming the guys in the pictures, rather it was for her growth so she can move on.

Since her post went viral, many others shared their photos with their ex-boyfriends with the edited caption. It gave people a place to vent and reflect and that’s a beautiful thing.

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