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Ginger racially harasses Asian woman in Orange County, California

A video posted on Nextdoor of a ginger racially harassing an Asian woman in Orange County, California has gone viral. The man in the video can be heard calling the woman a “stupid g**k” and thanking her for giving his country the coronavirus. According to Instagram page Jackfrootx, the woman wrote “This #racist man ambushed me in the parking lot, chanting racial slurs and threatening to punch me in the face after he refused to practice social distancing.” The internet did its thing and identified the man as Brian Kranz allegedly.

According to KTLA, the woman recording the incident is Hanna Li and the incident occurred in The Market Place parking lot in Tustin, California. She said the incident started inside the Sephora store where Kranz wasn’t wearing a facemask. Li asked the staff to ask Kranz to put on a facemask.

“He wasn’t wearing a mask and the Sephora staff came to him and said, ‘Could you put on a mask if you shop in the store?” And then he complied,” Li said. “But then he was not keeping social [distance] from me.”

Li asked the staff to intervene once again to get Kranz to backup and the staff did. So Li thought that was the end of that but when she went outside she noticed him in a jeep with a female passenger.

Li said Kranz allegedly threatened to punch her in the face before the recording started.

Hanna Li shared the incident on Nextdoor even though she felt unsafe because staying silent would do more damage.

“I’m already prepared mentally for this kind of situation. It’s not the first time it happened to Asians,” she said. “Someday it has to come to an end. Keeping silent is not the way to deal with it.”

What’s funny is he belittled the woman for recording the incident. Does this guy not know about the internet? How can this guy be so dumb?

“Are you really that stupid?” he said. “You know that recording doesn’t do anything.”

Well without the footage, the incident would have been forgotten about and this ginger would have gotten away with what he said. But with the recording, it didn’t take long for the outraged people to identify him. Brian Kranz is a personal trainer at Red Fitness in Orange County and his Instagram page briantheredfitness has been deactivated. Additionally, Red Fitness’s yelp page was bombarded with negative reviews calling Kranz out.

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