bobby sisouvong and James David

Friends killed in car crash by fleeing murder suspect

A 25-year-old Auburn man alleged to have killed his older brother over the weekend killed two more people while fleeing when he crashed into their car, reports The Seattle Times. The suspect allegedly fatally shot his 28-year-old brother at Les Gove Park in Auburn, Washington on Saturday around 12:17 am before fleeing the scene in his Porsche Cayenne. While driving on the westbound 15th he lost control and crossed the centerline crashing head-on into a Honda Accord occupied by 26-year-old James Davis and his passenger 27-year-old Bobby Sisouvong.

Davis and Sisouvong died at the scene of multiple blunt force trauma. The shooting victim was taken to the hospital by witnesses where he passed away. The alleged murderer is in critical condition and a female passenger who was in his car is in stable condition.

There was no pursuit of the suspect making it unclear how the suspect lost control. Police did not know of the shooting until after they responded to the crash.

According to Kiro 7, friends of Bobby Sisouvong and James Davies said the two were on their way to get some food when they were killed.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Jorel Deleon, a friend said. “One minute they’re talking to you, and the next minute they’re not responding to your texts – it’s unreal.”

“We talked every day,” another friend Mackenzie Shepherd said. “It’s the last thing you’d expect to happen. All of a sudden, your daily group of friends just gets cut in half.”

Gofundmes have been set up for Bobby Sisouvong and James Davies.

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