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Former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh passes away at 46-years-old

Sad news as entrepreneur Tony Hsieh died on Friday at the age of 46. According to the New York Times, Hsieh died from injuries he sustained from a house fire on November 18th while visiting family in Connecticut. He was surrounded by family and died peacefully according to Megan Fazio, the spokesperson for The Downtown Project in Las Vegas, a company Hsieh oversaw.

Tony Hsieh was a Taiwanese-American entrepreneur most known for his role as CEO of Zappos. He helped build the retail internet company into a giant platform which was sold to Amazon for $1.2 billion. He ran the company for 21 years before retiring recently in August.

“Tony’s kindness and generosity touched the lives of everyone around him, and forever brightened the world,” Tony’s family said in a statement reports CNN. His family added that Tony’s goal was to deliver “happiness” and “instead of mourning his transition, we ask you to join us in celebrating his life.”

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