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Former flight attendant becomes TikTok star by telling airline secrets

A former flight attendant for Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has amassed a giant following on TikTok by spilling secrets on the airline industry. Sandra Jeenie Kwon aka @jeenie.weenie on TikTok hasn’t been a flight attendant for ten years but has gained over 3.7 million followers with her flight attendant series. In the videos, she acts out odd conversations she had with passengers and gives out travel tips. For example, she said if you’re traveling within the U.S. and you’re bumped off the flight involuntarily, she advises never taking the voucher because you can get money instead.

“Not only are the airlines required to find you an alternative flight, but depending on the length of the delay, you are entitled to cash!” she explained. “For domestic flights, you are entitled up to $1350 cash based on your one-way ticket price. For international flights, the compensation is the same but the delayed times are different.”


Did you know this? ???? Also all countries have different compensation structures! #cabincrewlife

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And here’s one where she reenacts a real conversation she had with a passenger about a “hiker.”

Sandra Jeenie Kwon was working at the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts when she decided to apply to become a flight attendant, reports In The Know.

“I met two girls randomly at a party who just got hired with Emirates,” she said. “I remember telling them I probably won’t get hired because I have no flight experience and I feel I’m too short. They persuaded me to try anyway, so I did and I got the job! And about a month later, I relocated my life to Dubai.”

She worked for Emirates for two and a half years before she quit to go back to school for business. But during that time she accumulated a bunch of stories that helped blow her up on TikTok.

Kwon started her TikTok in 2019 but it wasn’t until she started her flight attendant videos that people started following her in mass. And it was her original fans that guided her into making the flight attendant videos.

“One of the weekly votes was based on my previous jobs and I would do skits around it,” she said. “The choices were cabin crew, retail, and banker – and cabin crew won by a landslide.”

When she posted her flight attendant stories, she got a million followers in a couple of weeks. But the problem with that success is now she’s being pigeonholed.

“I actually tried to change back to my weekly series but it didn’t go well as everyone was asking for more cabin crew content,” she joked. “So now I’m forever pegged as that ‘cabin crew lady on TikTok,’ which I find hilarious because I haven’t been cabin crew for 10 years.”

Kwon’s videos not only help people get paid but also guide people on their next career move. She said she gets messages saying that she inspired them to be flight attendants and wannabe flight attendants. At the same time, she also gets messages from people who wanted to be flight attendants but no longer wanted to after seeing her videos.

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