footprint burglary

Footprint store in Sunset District, San Francisco

The apparel store Footprint in the Sunset District in San Francisco was burglarized on Friday. According to CBS San Francisco News, thieves used a blowtorch to break into Footprint without setting off the alarm around 4 am. The thieves went in and grabbed all the jackets.

An hour later a looter came around and also burglarized the store.

The owner of Footprint, Michael Hsu said he doesn’t recognize his city anymore due to the crime.

“I feel so bad for my employees and for my community in the Sunset,” he told CBS San Francisco News. “You just don’t expect that but it’s becoming a reoccurring theme and you’re not safe in any district in San Francisco anymore.”

Hsu just hopes things get back to normal soon because right now everyone is hurting.

“We’re already in a pandemic, everyone is already hurting,” he said. “We just want to be back to normal, whatever that means.”

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