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Filipino woman victim of purse snatching in Chinatown, Oakland

A Filipino-American woman was out in Oakland’s Chinatown buying mangos on Friday when someone snatched her purse and took off. Antonette Solis, 68, said her attacker grabbed her purse so violently she got slammed onto the ground hitting her head on the concrete, reports NBC Bay Area News.

“I’m buying mango and all of a sudden somebody grabbed my body and dropped me here,” Solis said. “I didn’t see it. He grabbed me in the back. Grabbed me, trying to get my purse, and he took it.”

The thief took off with Solis’s purse that contained $280 and her prized jade bracelet.

“I hit my head backwards,” Solis said. “There’s no police. No police came.”

She doesn’t know what the suspect looks like because he came from behind but a safety patrol volunteer who saw the mugging got a good look at the mugger’s license plate.

And on Monday in Oakland, a 68-year-old Asian man was assaulted while riding the AC Transit bus. Hua Zhen Lin said another rider came up to him and started attacking him with a cane unprovoked. It is unclear what happened to the suspect.

A neighborhood advocate, Carl Chan was also attacked on Thursday while on his way to visit Mr. Lin. The suspect, in this case, was arrested.

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