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Filipino man told to “go back to his own country” after asking woman to wear face mask

A Filipino-Canadian man got into it with a woman over her refusing to wear a face mask, reports blogTo. The incident took place inside the elevator of their Toronto apartment building on May 15th.

In Toronto, there is a face mask mandate and also the building has a rule requiring face masks. However, the woman recorded by Ronnie Dancel did not seem to care. Dancel posted the video of his confrontation with what appears to be a South Asian woman on his social media last week.

Dancel who was in the elevator with his wife at the time said he asked the woman nicely to put on a facemask but the woman told him to “go back to your country.” She refused and Dancel eventually flipped out and ended up screaming at the woman.

Dancel said he regretted raising his voice but he just got out of the hospital a few days earlier after he was not feeling well. He said he was angry and just wanted to protect his and his family’s health.

“It really pissed me off,” he said. “I’m sorry I raised my voice … I was so angry. Fellow Asian to Asian why you do that, why can you just be a good person…I have three kids. I’m the breadwinner of the family. I have to be safe.”

Ronnie Dancel reported the woman to the building management.

“Hopefully this is a wake-up call to everyone that, you know, we should love everyone at this time of pandemic,” says Dancel said. “Be kind, be kind to everyone. For me, this is a lesson that I should not be raising my voice but I really cannot avoid because I feel belittled by this. In my heart, every person, every individual is equal.”

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