world famous yum yum food truck

Filipino food truck graffitied with racist slur

A Filipino food truck in the Salt Lake City, Utah was vandalized with racist graffiti. The “World Famous Yum Yum” food truck was tagged over the weekend with white paint with words like “ch**k.” The family-owned business posted a picture of their truck with hateful graffiti on their Instagram.

“I really can’t believe that some people can be so mean. My family works so hard, sometimes 12 hours a day and we didn’t expect to come home to this. Please #stopasianhate i pray that this world will change for the better and be more accepting of everyone. We will not let this stop us.. we are going to keep spreading love and representing #phillipines🇵🇭 culture,” their Instagram said.

World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck told Asamnews that they have no idea who could have vandalized their truck.

“We really don’t have a clue why this happened because we enjoy serving our community and sharing stories with our customers.” Yum Yum Food Truck told AsAmNews. “We are also grateful for everyone’s overwhelming support. We are painting over the vandalism and a friend of mine said he has an idea how to fix it. I’m not worried about the money to fix it. I’m just heart broken for my kids.”

world famous yum yum food truck

No suspects have been caught. The owner Brevin Pierce is offering $2000 for any info on the suspects. He said that during the one year they have been open for business, his truck has been robbed twice already and now this.


I’m offering a $2000 dollar reward to anyone who can help bring these people to justice. It’s sad to see that someone hates you so bad they do this

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