Imelda Bautista Schweighart
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Filipino beauty queen throws shade at K-pop and people aren’t having it

Former beauty queen Imelda Bautista Schweighart is facing a ton of backlash after she threw shade at K-pop. The 25-year-old 2016 Miss Philippines Earth went on a rant against K-pop on her Facebook on Monday, reports Malay Mail. She said she hated K-pop and scolded Filipinos for losing their identities wanting to be Korean.

Imelda Bautista Schweighart

“Filipinos are losing their identity trying to be Koreans,” she said. “Can you have some pride, please?

“Filipinos are better at speaking English than Koreans. I thought it was the Chinese who was invading us?

“I think we’re getting it wrong. We’re the ones who are always getting invaded.”

Imelda Bautista Schweighart who is of Filipino and German descent also slammed K-pop for unattainable beauty standards created by plastic surgery.

“I’m not sure if anyone can identify with (K-pop stars) but if anyone could, it’s imagining what you could look like after they heavy plastic surgery,” she said. “Insecurity is what they sell. They are not promoting self love.”

Not surprisingly, she was met with a ton of backlash from Filipino K-pop fans. However, someone pointed out western influence on the Philippines, but she did not have a problem with it and even praised them as “superiors.”

“… you cannot compare westerners to Koreans,” she said. “Or are you dragging Filipino/OPM culture for being heavily influenced by Western culture? Well at least the influence is supreme. Western influence is top notch … We need them as Filipinos and i salute them for being exemplar in everything because ultimately, they are our superiors.”

Not long after the backlash, Imelda erased her social media accounts. She is currently trying to be a singer and this isn’t the first time she got caught up in a social media storm. She faced some heat after she accused Miss Earth 2015 Katherine Espin of having a fake nose, chin, and breasts.

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