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Filipino-American mother says her son killed by police officer who put his knee on son’s neck

A Filipino American mother is planning to sue the Antioch, California police for the death of her son. According to KTVU, 30-year-old Angelo Quinto passed away in a hospital three days after his interaction with the police. Antioch police have not released much information about the case and the results of an autopsy are still pending.

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“He said, ‘Please don’t kill me, Please don’t kill me,” Cassandra Quinto, Angelo’s mother told KTVU recalling her son’s last pleas. “I was there. I was watching them. I trusted them. I though they know what they’re doing.”

Angelo Quinto was a former Navy sailor who suffered from episodes of paranoia following a head injury. On December 23, 2020, he fell into a paranoia spell where he repeatedly said “What is happening?” The mother held her son and her daughter called 911 just in case he became a threat.

Cassandra said when police arrived Angelo was calm but the police officers restrained him anyway. She said one officer held his legs while the other officer kneed the back of his neck. When paramedics arrived, her son was unconscious and had blood coming out of his mouth. That’s when she started recording because she knew something had gone horribly wrong.

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Paramedics took Angelo to the hospital while the police took his mom and daughter to the station to question them. Angelo never regained consciousness and he was pronounced dead three days later.

“I was there, I was watching them,” Cassandra said. “I trusted them. I thought they knew what they were doing.”

It took Antioch police more than a month to publicly confirm the incident after multiple inquiries from the Mercury News. An Antioch police spokesperson said Angelo was suffering from a “medical emergency” while he was being restrained by police. The spokesperson said the responding officers handcuffed Angelo but did not use serious force.

Antioch police said the investigation is still ongoing because of “several unknowns.”

Angelo’s family has hired attorney John Burris to represent them.

“There are a lot of issues wrong here,” Burris said at a news conference. “The technique applied by officers. The failure to de-escalate. The jumping on his back, the putting into his neck by a knee.

“Given what we know, which is that we had a healthy young man in his mother’s arms. the police grabbed him. The themselves, their conduct, snuffed the life out of him. We see that not only as a violation of his civil rights but it’s a violation of humanity, frankly.”

Shortly after Quinto passed another Asian American was killed by police in Pennsylvania. On December 30th, 19-year-old Christian Hall was having a mental health crisis when he was confronted by police. The police shot him and killed him after they said Hall became uncooperative and aimed his gun in their direction.

However, newly uncovered video shows Hall with his hands up when he was shot down.

Police said the investigation is still ongoing.

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