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Filipino American mother Maya “May” Millete missing

A Filipino-American woman living in Chula Vista, California has been missing for over three weeks. According to NBC News, 39-year-old Maya “May” Millete was last seen on January 7, 2021, at her home. The next day, her siblings felt something was off when they didn’t hear from her. The six siblings were planning a family trip to Big Bear Mountain resort for May’s daughter prior to her disappearing.

The six siblings also couldn’t get in touch with her husband Larry and their three children. One of the brothers of May visited May’s house and according to Dateline, Larry told him May was inside her bedroom but the door was locked. The brother knocked but heard nothing. He assumed she was asleep and left.

A couple of days passed and still no word from her. That’s when May’s father went to her home and was able to unlock the bedroom door to find no one inside. Consequently, a missing report was filed and an investigation began.

Two weeks later, on January 23rd, the police served a search warrant to search May’s home. According to Lieutenant Foxx, the warrant was to find any information about her “whereabouts.”

May’s sister, Maricris said her sister probably left her home on foot because her car was still there. However, her driver’s license, credit card, and cell phone seem to be missing. Any calls to her cell phone go to voice mail.

“This isn’t like her at all,” Maricris said. “Even if she needed to take a break for a little while, she would never leave her children. They are her life.”

maya may millete her husband Larry and their kids

Maya “May” Millete is a mother of three children ages 11, 9, and 4. She works as a defense contractor at the Naval Base in San Diego. She stands 5’2 tall, 110 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes.

Community workers have been canvassing nearby areas in the hopes of finding her. According to Fox 5 San Diego, around 60 volunteers searched the Mt. San Miguel Park hiking trails this weekend. A Gofundme has been set up to help the family pay for “Investigative Services/Private Investigator,” “Printing of fliers and maps.” and “Search event items (safety materials, tape, poster boards waters, etc …).”

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