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Fan Bingbing and fiance Li Chen announce split

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has announced her split from her fiance Li Chen. This comes after two years of being engaged. The two announced they were dating on social media in May 2015, reports CNN. The two first met on the set of the Chinese drama “The Empress of China” in 2014. It wasn’t long before he proposed to her at her 36th birthday. “It’s us, forever,” Li posted on his Weibo after he announced the engagement. To which Fan responded with “Forever and ever.”

fan bingbing and li chen

But now it’s over, which means she’s single and ready to mingle. So shoot your shot guys.

According to the Shanghaiist, Fan announced the breakup on her Weibo account. On Thursday, at 8:24 pm she wrote. “We experience many kinds of farewells during our lives. The warmth and love that we gain from each encounter turns into strength that lasts forever. Thank you for the sacrifices, support, and love you’ve given me and I’m thankful for the concern and love that you’ll give me in the future.

“We are no longer us, but we are still us.”

The news shocked her fans and netizens as it came out of nowhere.

Actor and director and now ex-fiance Li Chen shared the post on his Weibo account and added a sweet message to Fan Bingbing.

“From friends to lovers and then back again to friends,” he said. “The emotions may change, but the pure feelings between you and me will never change. The trust and support we have for each other will last forever. We are no longer us, we are still us.”

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Fan Bingbing is China’s biggest and highest paid actor. She got into a lot of trouble last year with the Chinese government over tax fraud. She was fined $130 million in penalties and back taxes. But she apologized and slowly started to appear back in public and resume her movie career.

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