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F1 has its first Chinese driver

Congratulations to 22-year-old Guanyu Zhou for becoming the first F1 driver from China, reports CNN. He will drive for Alfa Romeo partnering up with Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas.

“I dreamt from a young age of climbing as high as I can in a sport that I am passionate about and now the dream has come true,” Zhou said.“To be the first ever Chinese driver in Formula One is a breakthrough for Chinese motorsport history.”

Alpha Romeo principal Frederic Vasseur said Zhou joining the team was “crucial for the future of the company.”

“The decision is crucial for the future of the company,” Vasseur told Reuters. “It was not only based on the fact that he is Chinese but it will be a mega-push for the company, for sponsors and I think also for F1 in general…

“He’s a front-runner in F2, he won in Bahrain and Silverstone this season and is still in a position to win the championship and it’s a very good combination at the end. I’m more than optimistic.”

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