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Ex-wife accused of hiring teenager to kill husband

Bellevue, Washington police arrested a 30-year-old woman and two male teenagers for an alleged murder-for-hire plot, reports Komo News. Shaerin Kelley is accused of hiring a 17-year-old teenager to kill her 48-year-old ex-husband Baron Li. According to authorities, she allegedly was going to pay the teenager $13,000 for the shooting.

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On July 10, 2020, the 17-year-old allegedly got a friend to drive him to the Overlook at Lakemont Apartments in Bellevue where Li was. According to authorities, he found Li walking to his car and began shooting.

“The victim fell to the ground, the suspect stood over him and continued to fire,” Bellevue police Major Travess Forbush said.

Baron Li was shot nine times in his arms, legs, and chest.

Neighbors called the police after hearing gunshots and when police arrived they found Li shot multiple times but alive.

“While you’re being shot, all you’re thinking is how do I get through this,” Li told Kiro 7. “When will the clip empty? This can’t be the way I go, you know. Gunned down in front of my home.”

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Li spent a week in the hospital being treated for nine bullet wounds. According to a Gofundme to help pay for Li’s medical bills and recovery, two bullets still remain in him due to it being too dangerous to remove.

When investigators asked Li if anyone would want to hurt him he told them only his ex-wife. He said they were in “a very acrimonious custody battle” and that she had a “financial motive” in having “sole custody of their child.” Kelley and Li have been in a custody battle over their son for five years.

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Police were able to track the teenagers down by reviewing surveillance videos. One video showed the license plate of a pickup truck believed to be the getaway vehicle, reports Patch. Police said the vehicle was registered to one of the teen’s father. Additionally, authorities said they found a GPS tracking device on Li’s car that was purchased by Kelley. They connected that device to the teenager.

The police arrested the three suspects on Thursday. According to Patch, one of the boys admitted to taking part in the shooting. It is unclear which role he played.

Shaerin Kelley is expected to face a first-degree attempted murder charge. The judge set her bail at $2 million.

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