asian elder woman getting robbed and car on fire
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Elderly Daly City woman robbed in broad daylight

A 69-year-old Asian woman was robbed in Daly City in the Bay Area on Thursday, reports CBS News San Francisco. The incident occurred in the area of Serravist and Norwood Avenues around 3:40 pm. A surveillance camera caught a man running up to the woman from her behind and grabbing her property, throwing her on the ground, then fleeing with her items. The grandmother can be seen waving her arms for help after.

In another unrelated incident in the Bay Area, a disabled Asian man’s car was set on fire in Redwood City on Saturday, reports ABC 7 News. The developmentally disabled man, Jun, recently got a job at Safeway. He was initially worried about how to get to work but he plans to take a rental car. His sister said she believes he was racially targeted.

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