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Elderly Buddhist nun attacked in Tacoma, Washingon

67-year-old Ngunuon Huon, a Cambodian nun at the Khmer Theravadin Buddhist Association temple, said she was attacked by three people after she noticed them using chain cutters on the property fence, report Fox 13. The incident occurred on the grounds of the temple located in Tacoma, Washington on the night of September 21st. Huon said she was attacked after she asked the three to stop cutting the fence.

“Choke my throat and the other woman twist my leg and make me fall down to the ground and keep kicking and stomping at my body and use the cutting knife to poke on my ribs,” Huon said through an interpreter.

An 80-year-old temple member Victor Tang came to her aid and was also assaulted.

“The man that was there with the hammer and the scissor chain cutter used it to poke him with it, push him down and punch him and beat up on him,” Tang said through an interpreter. “These people are harassing and making trouble, cutting the fence and bringing people in.”

According to Temple leaders, two of the suspects are tenants at the temple. Temple leaders said the trio has been causing trouble by damaging and stealing from the temple for months, reports The News Tribune.

A 53-year-old woman was arrested in connection to the incident. Police said the situation is a tenant issue and that an eviction process needs to be followed if they want them removed.

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