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Eileen Huang faces backlash after calling out Asian celebrities who “profit from black artists”

It all started after Eileen Huang aka “bobacommie” called out Asian people for the use of “blaccent.” In her TikTok captioned “we need to talk about the Asians who appropriate Black culture,” she called out Asian public figures such as Awkwafina and Nina Lin for being “culture vultures” and “anti-black.” But the video backfired with people calling her a “boba liberal” for throwing her own race under the bus.

“These Asians are culture vultures who leech off of and most importantly profit from black artists, genre, and aesthetics but never properly credit them,” Huang said. “And they’re also anti-black. It’s modern-day minstrelsy.”

Well, Asian American social media wasn’t having her nonsense. She was called out by popular internet pages such as “asianswithattitudes” which snowballed into pretty much everyone calling Eileen Huang a “boba liberal.”

According to Urban Dictionary, boba liberal means:

A boba liberal is usually an upper middle class East or Southeast Asian living in the West, typically in the United State or Canada, who identifies as a liberal. However their association with liberal ideology and liberalism is simply a means to increase their proximity to whiteness or to pretend to be white themselves. Boba liberals use their Asianness to speak on behalf of the Asian population in the West, using talking points created by white liberals, which has a tendency to gaslight actual issues faced by the Asian diaspora.

The netizens then found her Twitter where she tweeted such dumb things as “maybe it’s good to normalize racism against Asians.”

And “cw // anti-progressive is an understatement. I mean co-opted by actual violent, white supremacist “rooftop Asians,” named after the Korean American shopowners who would attempt to shoot Black protestors during the 1992 LA protests.”

This was also followed by black creators calling her out. Instagram user “freekdagemini” clarified that people like Nina Lin was talking hood speak and not black speak.

Nina Lin who became viral for her in your face New York attitude also responded to Huang calling her out. “This app is for laughs, it’s for jokes b***h,” Lin said. “Ain’t nobody racist in this b***h. This is how I sound. what the f**k do you want me to do … Stop acting like you know me when your personality is literally nothing… But this voice is not blaccent baby girl. None of it. This is me “


60 seconds not enough, I need a mf hour shit ???????? that boba jersy bitch can link me I’d pay for that transit ticket wussup ????

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UPDATE – 1/25/21 – Rapper and activist China Mac, who was called out by Huang, called her out over the weekend. He went in on her and defended Nina and her use of “blaccent.”

The three of them will talk it out later on China Mac’s Instagram live so stay tuned as this drama unfolds. This drama is like “Bling Empire” but with less money.

china mac

As for Eileen Huang, she’s a Chinese-American from New Jersey currently attending Yale. She got her first taste of viral fame with an article she wrote about anti-blackness in the Asian community which she described as “rampant.”

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