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“Eat P***y” clothing line under fire for giving good advice

Filipino clothing line “Kain Pepe” (KNPP) is under fire for its name. In Filipino, “Kain” means “eat” and “Pepe” is slang for vagina, reports interaksyon. Put together the name means “Eat P***y.” This upset many people and mostly feminists for being “offensive” and “objectifying” women.

The Gabriela Women’s Party said that “Kain Pepe” was “reducing women to mere objects of sexual desire in its latest series of t-shirt designs which was uploaded on it’s official Facebook page.

“Women are not objects of pleasure and satisfaction. This shameless advertising and display of merchandise that degrade, objectify and hypersexualize young girls contributes to gender stereotypes that trivialize violence against women and children.”

The Gabriela Woman’s party said they were willing to help the clothing brand with “sensitivity training” so they can fix their wrongdoing.

However, instead of just owning it, KNPP made up the dumbest excuse in the world. They said that “Pepe” is actually a nickname for “young boys” while “Kaen” means “eat.” So their reasoning was that they were actually saying “eat young boys” to encourage teenagers to eat because they lacked nutrition.

“The real purpose of the brand name is simply to encourage adolescents and teenagers to EAT PROPERLY,” the clothing line said. “It was named that way so it would catch peoples attention easily. Most teenagers nowadays lack proper nutrition because of gadgets and social media which causes them sometimes to miss a meal. Through the shirts, they are at least reminded to also pay attention to their nutrition.”

Yeah, right.

“Kain Pepe” added that they were in no way trying to objectify women.

Not surprisingly, nobody bought the excuse and they quickly deleted it from their Facebook page but many pissed off people already had their excuse screenshotted. Many commenters pointed out that if the clothing brand was actually trying to promote nutrition it shouldn’t have used models in seductive poses.

There’s even a girl wearing a purple shirt with a drawing of a p***y.

Eating p***y is great advice and they should have spun it into something about being sex-positive. Instead, they lobbed the lamest and worst excuse ever. What p***ies

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