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Domino’s Pizza apologizes for “anything but Chinese” commercial

Domino’s Pizza has apologized for their latest ad that aired in the United Kingdom after it was labeled racist, reports Resonate. The commercial shows three friends discussing what to eat when one of them says “anything but Chinese.” This was met with immediate backlash who thought the company was singling out Chinese people because of the pandemic.

At at time when heightened racial abuse are directed at Chinese people due to COVID, this is insensitive and wrong,” another commented. “Furthermore Chinese restaurants are already financially stricken during lockdowns.”

“Wow okay so there’s indirect racism- singling out the Chinese,” another wrote.
“YET trying to promote and fit the current BLM trend with ‘only black people’ advertisement propaganda. Whoever made this advert needs the sack. Good job dominoes.”

Domino’s Pizza initially stayed mum about the commercial but Resonate got an official statement from them. They apologized and said they wouldn’t make similar mistakes in the future.

“We’ve been made aware of concerns regarding our Concrete Clare ad,” the statement reads. “We weren’t meaning to cause offense when it comes to Chinese cuisine or culture in any way.”

“The ad was only trying to convey that moment we’ve all had when we just aren’t craving a certain food, even a takeaway favorite like Chinese. We should have done a better job of expressing this and would like to apologize to anyone who has been offended.”

“We’ll review our creative development process together with our ad agency partner to ensure we don’t make any similar mistakes in future.”

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