Chella Man Jericho
Instagram: Chellaman/DC

Deaf Jewish Asian trans activist cast in DC’s Titans

Chella man who is a trans activist will try his hand in acting as he joins DC’s Titans. The 20-year-old social media star who is half Chinese and half Jewish will play Joseph Wilson, aka Jericho, in the Netflix show, reports Gizmodo. On Instagram, Chella Man posted “…SECRET’S OUT! It is UNREAL to finally announce I will be making my acting debut as Jericho on Season 2 of @titansnetflix with @the dcuniverse!”

Chella Man describes himself as a deaf, genderqueer, queer artist, according to Hearing Like Me. He became the first deaf trans model to sign with IMG and has gathered an impressive 250 K follower on Instagram.

At the age of 4, Man started having hearing problems. As she got older her hearing loss got worse where she had to get cochlear implants if she wanted to hear. By the time she reached 18 years old, after suffering from gender dysphoria, Man began his transformation into a male from female. He began taking testosterone and had surgery to remove his breasts.

Man will join DC’s Titans for season 2 where they will have to battle Deathstroke. Chella Man will play Jericho, who is Deathstroke’s metahuman son. According to Gizmodo, Jericho “has the ability to possess anyone he makes eye contact with.” However, due to an accident, he was rendered mute and communicates by ASL or by using the possessed person’s voice. Jericho will join the Titan’s to help fight his evil father.

Chella Man playing Jericho in a superhero television is another win for Asians in entertainment. He joins other Asian Americans signing up to play live comic book character adaptations. The biggest Asian American representation in superheroes will be Marvel’s Shang Chi which will be huge. Although, Man’s role in Titan’s might not be the biggest role it’s still a good luck.

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