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Dante Basco to direct “The Fabulous Filipino Brothers”

Filipino American actor Dante Basco will be stepping behind the camera for the first time for his latest project. He will make his directorial debut with “The Fabulous Filipino Brothers” according to Deadline. The screenplay was written by Dante and his two brothers Darion Basco and Dionysio Basco.

dante basco and his brothers
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“The Fabulous Filipino Brothers” will be a family affair as Dante will work on the movie with his four siblings. Besides writing and directing the movie, Dante will star in it alongside his brothers Darion, Dionysio, and Derek. Their sister, Arianna Basco will narrate the movie. The movie will take place in Pittsburg, California, a blue-collar suburb of Oakland, where the Basco brothers grew up. The romantic comedy will follow the brothers and their adventures in four mini-stories that eventually connect.

One story will feature a brother who flys to Manila to rekindle a romance. While another will follow a brother as he gets involved in a cockfight. And another brother will find sensuality in Filipino food. And lastly, the fourth brother will try to find peace and love after struggling with trauma. All these stories will somehow collide into a shotgun wedding in the backyard of the family house.

Dante Basco is best known for playing Rufio in Steven Spielberg’s 1991 Peter Pan movie “Hook.” Since then, the 43-year-old actor has been keeping busy securing roles in television and movies.

Dante took to Instagram to announce his excitement about working on “The Fabulous Filipino Brothers.”

“So, it got announced…I’ve been working hard with my team and family to get this one off the ground and about to embark on this new adventure,” he wrote. “Kind of anxious, kind of excited, can’t wait to get to set and start shooting with my brothers and sisters!”

There is no set release date for “The Fabulous Filipino Brothers.” This will be the first time the Basco brothers have worked together on a movie since “The Debut” which premiered in 2000.

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