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Daniel Dae Kim to star in his first series lead in “The Hot Zone: Anthrax”

It’s been thirty-one years since Daniel Dae Kim started working in television and he’s finally going to be the lead actor. According to Variety, Kim will be the series lead in the next installment of “The Hot Zone: Anthrax.” The first season of the series was the highest-rated series on National Geographic. The first season focused on ebola in 1989. While the second season will focus on the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States.

Co-starring along with Kim in “The Hot Zone: Anthrax” will be Tony Goldwyn. Kim will play an FBI agent specializing in microbiology named Matthew Ryker. While Goldwyn will play Bruce Ivans, a microbiologist on the hunt for the anthrax killer.

“Tony and Daniel are both wonderfully versatile and dimensional actors who will bring complexity and depth to these characters,” the National Geographic executive vice president of scripted and documentary films, Carolyn Bernstein said.

The six episode series will revolve around the real life anthrax attacks in the United States shortly after 9/11. According to Variety, the show, “depicts the trials of USAMRIID scientists, FBI agents and Justice Department personnel that joined forces to triumph over the national threat that claimed five lives and left 17 others ill. After a slew of turf wars and false alarms, the unlikely interagency team eventually cracks the case and closes in on the prime suspect.”

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