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Constance Wu accused of letting her bunny destroy $6.5 million penthouse

Constance Wu, the difficult star of Fresh Off The Boat, is catching some heat for her pet bunny. Wu’s pet bunny is accused of pooping and peeing all over a $6.5 million penthouse in New York, according to Page Six. The 37-year-old actress rented the Manhattan penthouse in Chelsea, New York, for a few months while she filmed her latest movie “Hustlers” which she co-stars in with J.Lo and Cardi B. During that time, Wu allegedly let her pet bunny, Lida Rose, run wild and destroy the place.

According to Page Six, the owner of the penthouse did not know Wu was bringing a pet bunny to the residence. The owner was “appalled” but let Constance stay. But things turned sour when the bunny was allowed to run all over the three-bedroom place. The bunny defecated and pissed all over the apartment destroying it.

The owner’s housekeeper was hired to check in on the penthouse and clean it once a week. The housekeeper was “horrified” about the “revolting” rabbit mess that she had to clean up. She told the owner of the disgusting conditions, which led to the owner warning Constance Wu to keep her rabbit in its hutch. However, sources in the building told Page Six that Wu ignored the warnings and continued to let the bunny run wild. It wasn’t until the pissed off owner threatened to throw the actress out that she got the message.

“Constance’s bunny totally destroyed the place, there was poop and pee everywhere, and the actress had done nothing to clean it up,” a source told Page Six. “The animal went all over the entranceway, the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom.”

Another source said, “The place totally stank, it was disgusting, there were little pellets of poo everywhere, and Constance seemed oblivious to it. She seems to sleep with the bunny, and there was even poop in the bed.”

However, another source said that the owner knew Constance Wu would bring her bunny and she was not asked to leave the apartment. “The owner of the property was told in advance before Constance arrived that she had a pet rabbit, and the rabbit pen arrived before they did,” the source said. “Constance was not asked to leave the apartment and she actually stayed longer than intended. Her stay was extended for a few weeks so they couldn’t have had a problem with her or her pet.”

Wu is having a rough couple of weeks. First, she got herself in a social media storm when she voiced her “dislike” when Fresh Off The Boat was renewed for a sixth season. Her outburst was caused by her having to drop out of a movie due to scheduling conflicts with her television show. The alleged role she cried over was one where she played a heroin addict in “You and Me Both.” The outburst caused a wave of backlash against the actress calling her “ungrateful” and a “diva.”

To make things worse, sources who worked with her said that she was “the most hated person” on Fresh Off The Boat and that she was the biggest diva on Hustlers.

Apparently, her attitude is so bad, her reps had to intervene and warn her to be more gracious.

Long live Constance Wu the diva. Free Constance Wu and her bunny, Lida Rose. Wu is a star and her bunny should be able to poop and pee wherever it wants to without judgement.

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