sijo george and shandaken ford
CBS New York News

Connecticut Uber driver brutally attacked

Darien, Connecticut police arrested 21-year-old Shandaken Ford for allegedly attacking an Uber driver, reports CBS New York News. The incident occurred on August 27th a little after 11 pm after Sijo George picked up Ford and another passenger in Stamford. The two passengers asked George to drop them off at two locations but when they got to the first drop-off in Darien both passengers got out of the car. George asked one of the passengers if there was another stop and for some reason, the passenger asked for George’s license. Things quickly escalated with the passenger getting physical and screaming at George to give him his license. The passenger then started punching George in the head. The passenger took off when George began calling for help but came back and started attacking George again. The incident was caught on the dashboard camera.

With the video and the Uber app, police quickly identified the suspect. Shandaken Ford turned himself in on Wednesday and authorities charged him with misdemeanor assault and breach of peace.

Shandaken Ford
CBS New York News

Ford’s lawyer told CBS 2 reporter Tony Aiello that his client was “deeply sorry and regretful for what happened that night. He added that his client wants to “make this hard-working man whole and try to begin a healing process for everyone involved.”

As for Sijo Ford, he said he plans to no longer work as an Uber driver on the side. A Gofundme has been set up to help pay for George’s recovery.

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