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Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe dropped from agency for racist jokes at Comedy show

A comedian named Tony Hinchcliffe went viral after a clip of him going in on an Asian comedian went viral. According to TMZ, the incident took place at Big Laugh Comedy in Austin, Texas last week. Hinchcliffe’s opener Peng Dang introduced him and once Hinchcliffe got on stage he dropped the c-word.

“How about one more time for the filthy little f**King ch**k that was just up here,” Tony said. “All you f**king race traitors are hooping and hollering. I was back here watching you puking in a f**king bucket” before going into an Asian accent.

Peng Dang said he just finished up a set with jokes about stopping Asian hate before introducing Tony. That’s why he was so shocked to see Hinchcliffe making those kind of jokes.

“I was just really shocked by it, considering I had just had a really good performance speaking out against Asian hate going on in this country,” Dang told the New York Daily News. “As a comedian, I want to respect everyone’s freedom of speech and our profession, so I didn’t confront him immediately.

“Some people were telling me to just use it as fuel to be a better comedian, but I just didn’t feel that was the right thing to do. Asian-Americans are constantly being told to keep their heads down and become successful and one day all of this will be gone. But look at what’s happening to us around the country. Asians are under attack.

“I decided the right thing to do is to speak out. It is not okay to use Asian racial slurs as a comedian.”

Peng told TMZ that although the tape looked like the crowd was laughing with Tony, Peng said most were uncomfortable. Peng also said he would have been fine with most of Tony’s Asian jokes but saying the c-word crossed the line.

According to TMZ, Tony’s agency WME dropped him from their roster.

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