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Chinese Real Estate Company Uses Topless Models To Sell Apartments

In the advertising field, there’s an old saying that says “sex sells”. It doesn’t matter the product, just put some sexy people in some sexy positions and your products will be flying off the shelf. So a Chinese real estate company decided to test that theory out by using topless models to sell their apartments.

Chinese real estate

A property developer in the Guangxi capital of Nanning used four topless models to try to get customers interested. The models had butterflies painted on their chest and different floor plans of the apartments painted on their backs. The ladies sat down at the counter of the Nannig real estate office for customers to check out their future homes.

Chinese real estate

Chinese real estate Chinese real estate

The real estate company was hoping to get some attention and get some sales. And it worked as the event went viral. Pictures and videos of the event blew up on the internet. Consequently, groups of horny men customers flocked to the event with their cell phone cameras. One of the employees rejoiced, telling the Paper that, “the whole of Nanning knows about it.”

Chinese real estate

However, the government got word of the event and they weren’t too happy with what transpired, reports the Shanghaiist. What was supposed to be a fun-filled event for the family, unfortunately, got shut down by the regulatory authorities. Just the Chinese government overreaching again and censoring nudity. Damn you.

I don’t know if topless women are going to get me to buy an apartment, but it’s way better than a real estate agent telling you how beautiful the backsplash is.

All Photos: Shanghaiist/The Paper


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