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Chinese newspaper calls Australians “poor white trash of Asia”

As tensions between China and Australia rise a Chinese newspaper has resorted to name-calling. According to news.com.au, the “Global Times” a “mouthpiece for Beijing” not only took multiple shots at Australia by calling them “poor white trash” they even threatened them. The newspaper warned of “consequences” if Australia didn’t play nice and called them “slavish followers of US policy.”

“If Australia views this close economic relationship as well as China-Australia collaboration in other sectors as a burden rather than an opportunity, it will face far-reaching consequences it cannot bear,” the newspaper said. “When that happens, the US won’t come to its rescue.”

The relationship between the two countries has been frosty lately. One issue is of the Australian journalist Cheng Lei who has been jailed in China for weeks for unknown reasons. Another reason is that Australia called for a probe into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. And yet here are some other reasons the two are going at it.

  • Australia blocked sales of Dairy Farmers milk to a Chinese firm
  • Called for greater inspection of Chinese backed departments and research at Australian schools
  • Thought about giving Hong Kong residents a right to live in Australia
  • Also is thinking about stopping cooperation with China’s Belt and Road initiative

In retaliation, China blocked meat exports from Australia, added tariffs on Australian barley, and even warned of racism Chinese people will encounter in the country.

The Global Times blamed Australia for the messed up relations between the two calling it the “hostile one.” Additionally, the newspaper called Australia the “poor white trash of Asia” and warned that Australia was “backsliding into a poor country in Asia Pacific.”

“It finds fault with China on almost all fronts where it cannot live without China, trapping itself in an embarrassing dilemma,” the newspaper said.

Hopefully these two never get along because these insults are just too funny.

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