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Chinese netizens upset Burger King Taiwan referred to coronavirus as “Wuhan pneumonia”

There’s always been beef between Taiwan and China but this one is over Burger King. On Wednesday, Burger King Taiwan(BKT) called the coronavirus, the “Wuhan pneumonia,” and it pissed off a lot of people in China, reports the Daily Mail.

Due to the coronavirus, many are forced to stay home and order delivery if they want a meal from a restaurant. So BKT announced its new contactless delivery service to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Select ‘deliver it at the door’ on your payment page to avoid the Wuhan pneumonia,” the social media post said.

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Daily Mail

This did not sit well with Chinese netizens. Consequently, BKT initially changed the phrase to “coronavirus pneumonia” before deleting the post altogether.

BKT didn’t release any kind of statement on the matter but Burger King China did.

Burger King China apologized and said, “Even though Burger King China and Burger King Taiwan are managed by two different companies, we are angered by their irresponsible comment.”

Additionally, they said they notified the operator of Burger King Taiwan and demanded they delete the post because it “hurt everyone’s feelings.”

Furthermore, they donated one million yuan ($141,093) to aid in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus in Wuhan.

As a result of deleting the post, Taiwanese people have now expressed their anger with Burger King. The people have gone onto Burger King Taiwan’s Facebook page and commented with the hashtag “Chinese Wuhan pneumonia.” Taiwanese citizens also blasted BKT for kowtowing to China, reports Taiwan News.

“Why would one apologize for telling the truth?” some commenters said. While some said they were boycotting the fast-food chain.

The naming of the coronavirus has been contentious here in the states. Some members of the GOP, including the President, have called the virus the “Chinese virus,” much to the displeasure of Asian Americans who believe it will further incite anti-Asian hate-crimes. In Taiwan and China, however, this beef is on a whole different level.

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