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Chinese national beaten to death outside nightclub in Barcelona, Spain

A 25-year-old Chinese man has passed away after he got into a fight outside a nightclub in Barcelona, Spain. The fight between a group of Chinese men and Russian men broke out on Sunday morning when the two sides got into an argument in a club in Barcelona’s Olympic Port. The two sides started to fight outside and one of the Chinese men ended up on the grown after being thrown by one of the Russian men. A Russian man in a black t-shirt continued to punch and kick the man in the head while he was on the ground. The fight was broken up and one of the victim’s friends pulled him up to his feet. The victim remained conscious but died later from his injuries at the hospital.

The Barcelona Police tweeted the video of the brawl with the caption, “In Barcelona in the Olympic Port, a fight between a group of Chinese and Russian men broke out which ended with one of the Chinese men dead as a result of the kicks and punches he received.

“He died hours later in the hospital. This is the fifth homicide this month in the city.”

According to the Global Times, the victim’s surname was Cheng according to his friend. He was from Wenzhou, East China’s Zheijiang Province. Cheng’s parents run a store in Spain.

The Chinese Consulate-General in Barcelona expressed condolences to the victims family. They are urging the police to quickly and thoroughly investigate the matter and bring the assailants to justice.

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