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Chinese movie “The Eight Hundred” is the highest-grossing movie this year

The pandemic hit the movie industry hard this year reducing the releases of new movies into theaters. But in some Asian countries where the pandemic was controlled, movie theaters remained opened and sold a fair amount of tickets. Normally, Hollywood movies would be the top earners annually usually dominated by superhero movies but this year saw a pair of Chinese movies take the top two spots. According to The Wrap, the Huayi Bros Chinese war movie “The Eight Hundred” was the highest-grossing movie selling $472 million in tickets with “My People, My Homeland” right behind it with $430 million.

In fact, movies from China and Japan took five of the top spots. This is the first time a movie from China earned the most money in a year. Check out the top ten grossing movies below.

  1. The Eight Hundred (China) – $472 million
  2. My People, My Homeland (China) – $430 million
  3. Bad Boys For Life (USA) – $426 million
  4. Tenet (USA) – $361 million
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog (USA) – $320 million
  6. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (Japan) – $313 million
  7. Dolittle (USA) – $250 million
  8. Zhang Jiya (China) – $243 million
  9. Birds of Prey (USA) – $201 million
  10. Sacrifice (China) – $170 million

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