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Chinese MMA fighter “Mad Dog” brutally beats old wing chun master

Chinese MMA fighter “Mad Dog” is at it again beating up old traditional martial arts masters. Xu Xiaodong is famous in China for his mission of exposing “fake kung fu.” He’s been calling out these kung fu masters by saying their fighting techniques are useless in a real fight. Xiaodong believes MMA is the real fighting technique and what the kung fu practitioners are selling is nonsense. So far, he has easily beaten a couple of kung fu masters, and this Saturday he claimed another victim, reports SCMP. This time a wing chun master named Lu Gang.

Xu Xiaodong

The fight took place in Karamay, China, in front of hundreds of spectators. This fight shouldn’t have even have happened due to the weight difference. Xu Xiaodong weighed two times as much as Lu Gang, coming in the ring at 220 pounds. But Gang agreed because he thought he could beat him with pressure points. Gang didn’t even wear gloves because he said that it prevented him from delivering his wing chun blows. Nevertheless, it did not go well for Gang as he got the s–t beat out of him. It took “Mad Dog” less than a minute to end the fight. Near the end of the fight, Gang was getting beat so bad he utilized the age-old defensive technique of running away.

mad dog

Not a lot of technique from the 40-year-old MMA fighter with his left and right hooks, but it got the job done. Xu Xiaodong knocked the balding man down three times before the ref called the end of it. Gang suffered a broken nose and had to go to the hospital.

After the fight, the outspoken MMA fighter ranted about how the Chinese martial arts authorities made him wear clown makeup and a fake name so the fight could be live-streamed. His fake name was “Xu Dong Gua” which translates to Xu Winter Melon.

Mad Dog remains undefeated in beating up old out of shape kung fu masters.

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