Yuan herong aka Chinese "Chun Li" in doctor uniform and wedding dress
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Chinese bodybuilder Dr. Yuan Herong dubbed “Chun Li” for her insane legs

A doctor in China is going viral for her insane body. The internet has dubbed Chinese bodybuilder Yuan Herong as “Chun Li” comparing her to the character in the classic video game “Street Fighter,” reports Asia One. Her body is almost cartoonish in its proportions. Her legs are out of this world.

Yuan Herong went viral after she posted pictures of herself holding up a wedding gown. She is known as someone with “the face of an angel, but the body of a devil.”

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It wasn’t long before some thirsty dudes wanted to know everything about her. They thought she was some kind of fitness coach. But she said she was not and instead was a doctor.

“My job is a doctor, a part-time model, not a fitness coach,” she wrote on Instagram.

Besides being a doctor and a part-time model she competes in bodybuilding competitions.

The men soon wanted to know if she was single. But unfortunately for them, she’s already married. Her Weibo account said that she got her marriage certificate on October 10. To top it off he’s also a doctor. So that means all those thirsty guys have no chance.

Congratulations to Yuan Herong the real “Chun Li” for earning that next level body.

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