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Chinese actress reveals dead nose tip after botched plastic surgery

A Chinese actress is warning her fans of the dangers of plastic surgery after her botched nose surgery. Gao Liu posted pictures of her dead blackened nose tip on her social media which caused quite the stir, reports Yahoo. She was absent from her social media for months and many wondered why. But now she has revealed that her messed up nose was the reason why.

gao liu

Liu explained to her millions of fans that she went to a plastic surgeon in the southern city of Guangzhou in October on the recommendation of a friend. She wanted a “slight trim” of her nose but it turned out to be the “beginning of a nightmare.”

“The entire procedure lasted four hours,” she wrote on Weibo. “I thought that in these four hours, I would be made more beautiful. I didn’t expect these four hours to be the beginning of a nightmare.”

The doctor told her she would be able to get back to work in December or January but her nose felt “irritated and tingly” and repeatedly got infected. Soon her nose turned darker and dark and became necrotic.

“The skin on the tip of my nose … became darker and darker, and my nose became necrotic,” she said.

gao liu

Gao Liu had to check into the hospital for two months. During this time she said she felt suicidal. Additionally, she lost around $61.8K in work. She hid from the world due to the “cosmetic surgical incident” but now she wants to share what happened to her so that no one else has to go through what she went through.

Unfortunately, doctors can’t fix her nose just yet due to the amount of damage to it. In a year, she said reconstructive surgery might be possible.

After her post went viral, a number of complaints have been filed against the clinic. The clinic already had five administrative penalties during the time period of March – October 2020. Liu is seeking compensation from the clinic.

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