china lunar new year tv show featuring blackface

China Lunar New Year TV show sparks backlash over blackface

The biggest Lunar New Year TV show in China sparked fierce backlash online after some of their performers appeared in blackface. The annual Lunar New Year television show was broadcast on China‘s state broadcaster CCTV and watched by 1.1 billion viewers, reports The Daily Mail. The four-hour gala was a celebration of the holiday but during a performance titled “African Song and Dance,” Chinese dancers appeared in blackface and African costumes that upset netizens.

This wasn’t the first time the show showcased blackface. Back in 2018, they had a similar routine with Chinese dancers in African garb and blackface.

“sigh…will they ever learn. I love Chinese culture as a black person, but I never would do anything that might offend them,” one commenter said. “When will they stop using our skin color as a costume?”

“Blackface while performing African songs? This is 100 per cent racism,” another commented.

“Is there any difference between Chinese people doing blackface and white people slanting their eyes to make fun of Asians,” another said.

The show has been televised since 1983. This year they honored the medical workers and the space program.

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