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“Chester’s Hamburgers” sparks outrage over “DONT BUY CHINESE, BUY AMERICAN” sign

A San Antonio, Texas burger joint was criticized after some took offense to a message they put up. “Chester’s Hamburgers” on 410 and Broadway posted on their marquee, “DONT BUY CHINESE BUY AMERICAN,” reports Kens5. A picture of the sign was captured by the Asian American Alliance of San Antonio and posted on their Facebook page on Tuesday along with the caption, “Really, Chester’s Hamburgers?? Seen at the 410 and Broadway location.”

The sign drew criticism from numerous members in the city. One commenter, Rachel Clark told Kens 5 that the restaurant shouldn’t have singled out one ethnicity.

“If they just changed the wording, I think it would make a big difference,” she said. “Especially to the Asian-American community.

“It’s singling out one ethnicity,” she added. “You could assume that it meant a product, you could assume a food, but that’s not what it said. I’m a firm believer in say what you mean and mean what you say.”

Kens 5 reached out to the restaurant and a representative told them their message was simply about buying American products and not from “communist China.”

“Regarding the marquee at Chesters Hamburgers, there is no implied meaning other than to buy American products and not products from communist China.”

The sign was taken down by Wednesday and the president of the Asian American Alliance of San Antonio, Kin Hui, said the matter was resolved since the sign had been changed. The Asian American Alliance of San Antonio has also deleted the Facebook post.

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