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CEO of Japanese cosmetics company faces backlash over racist comments against Koreans

The CEO of a Japanese cosmetics company, DHC is facing some heat after he used a derogatory term against Koreans. According to the BBC, Yoshiaki Yoshida used the term “Chon,” which is a racist term against Koreans in Japan, on the company’s website while belittling a rival company, Suntory.

“For some reason, the models hired for Suntory’s commercials are almost all Korean-Japanese. So that’s why it seems they’re mocked on the internet as ‘Chontory,'” he wrote. He added that unlike Suntory, his company was employed by “pure Japanese” people.

This isn’t the first time he disparaged Korean people. In 2016, he wrote a message on his company’s website that described Koreans in Japan as “pseudo-Japanese” while calling for them to go back to South Korea.

Although the statement by Yoshiaki Yoshida was published last month, it went viral recently causing people to call for a boycott of the company, reports Court House News.

“They can’t do business without discriminating against minorities, consumers and other firms?” one person said on Twitter. “I’ll say no to such a shallow company.”

“I can no longer buy products from discriminatory DHC,” another said.

Koreans have a history of being discrimminated against in Japan. They routinely change their name to get jobs and to avoid discrimmination.

A recent Nike Japan commercial featuring a Zainichi and a half-black/half-Japanese girl got a lot of hate for it’s anti-bullying and anti-racist messaging. Many on Japan’s right-wing called for a boycott of Nike for this commercial.

DHC is one of the largest Japanese beauty brands. They sell their products all around the world including South Korea. They have not released a statement on the recent incident.

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