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Facebook: Patricia Anne Medrano

Canadian man threatens to decapitate Filipino woman after she rejects his advances

Patricia Anne Medrano posted a video of a Canadian man threatening to kill her after she said she rejected his advances. The incident occurred at Medrano’s apartment in Edmonton on Monday, July 6th around 9:15 pm. According to Narcity, the man has been identified as 28-year-old Rylee Dodd by the Edmonton Police service.

Patricia Anne Medrano
Facebook: Patricia Anne Medrano

Medrano said she and her brothers were going downstair in their apartment when Dodd approached her and insisted she give him her phone number. Her brother Jasper intervened and pretended that he was her boyfriend but Dodd told her “You know that I can f**k you real good,” Medrano said. That’s when things turned real ugly as Medrano said he started yelling at them about the coronavirus and how they were spreading it. Medrano then said things escalated some more when he kicked the door and “attacked” her. That’s when she started recording.

“I’ll shoot you, I’ll kill you, I’ll decapitate you! I’ll decapitate you b***h” Dodd said.

During this time Medrano told her brothers to call 911 but Dodd got more belligerent.

“Filipino little b***h,” Dodd said.

Medrano called Dodd a racist which caused him to do the Nazi salute.

“Seig Heil,” he said. “Get the f**k out of Canada.”

Dodd left and Patricia Anne Medrano called 911.

Police arrested Rylee Dodd and charged him with assault and “uttering threats in relation to this incident,” reports Narcity.

According to Medrano he will be released but he is not allowed back in the building.

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