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Canadian man arrested for string of attacks against Asians

A 33-year-old Markham, Ontario man was arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault in a string of attacks against Asians. According to the CBC, Arjun Choudhari was arrested on Monday and charged with “three counts of assault, two counts of criminal harassment and once count of assault with a weapon.”

He was initially arrested for a March 16th incident involving an assault on an Asian woman on Pillar Rock Crescent in the Major Mackenzie Drive and Woodbine Avenue area.

The police said, “The victim had been outside walking when a suspect ran up behind her and hit her in the back with an object.”

During the investigation, police found five other victims, all Asians, who were allegedly harassed or assaulted by Arjun Choudhari during the time period of January and March.

“All of the victims are Asian and investigators believe that the incidents were hate-motivated,” the police said.

Police are asking others if they have been victimized in a hate crime to come forward. They said the culprits will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti said he was disgusted by the acts and the incidents do not reflect the community.

“I am deeply disturbed and disgusted by the recent criminal acts by an individual against members of our Asian community,” he said. “Markham is proud to be Canada’s most diverse city, we wear it as a badge of honor and we celebrate our rich cultural mosaic.”

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